Spa Blend  Massage  Therapy

A gift of love

Massage is the most naturally healing thing you can do for you or for your loved one. The nurturing touch is simple, instinctual, and more powerful than we can imagine. Massage reduces stress, alleviates depression, reduces pain, boosts the immune system. With touch we love, communicate, heal and nurture one another. 

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760 318-9100

760 318-9100

Benefits of Massage

Mental Benefits

  •  Reduces stress & increases relaxation
  •  Alleviates depression or anxiety symptoms

Healing/Growth Benefits

  •  Aids in healing strained muscles & sprained ligaments
  •  Reduces scar tissue, fibrosis, pain, swelling & inflammation
  •  Increases blood supply & nutrition to muscles
  •  Can compensate for lack of movement or inability to exercise

Daily Benefits

  •  Improves blood and oxygen circulation
  •  Improves lymph fluid movement
  •  Eases everyday pains & provides greater flexibility
  •  Reduces muscle spasms & cramping
  •  Strengthens immune system
  •  Reduces blood pressure
  •  Promotes deeper, easier breathing
  •  May aid in weight loss

Night time Benefits

  •  Increases delta waves linked with deep sleep
  •  Helps sleep disorders through relaxation

Palm Springs, California  2016

​​Norma & Kerry Marcus

CAMTC HHP12130 / 2345

Spa Blend Palm Springs Massage Therapy

Spa Blend    Massage Therapy  & Skin Care

760 318-9100 2000 N Palm Canyon Dr.   

Located at Ivy Palm

Palm Springs, CA  92262

Seasonal by Appointment call hours: 9am-9pm

Spa Blend Massage & Facials 1 (760) 318-9100

Massage by Norma Marcus, HHP    Kerry Marcus HHP  California U.S.A.

In addition to our treatment room located at the Ivy Palm; we conveniently provide mobile massage to help you at your vacation rental or home.

    As massage professionals , we provide to you the tools for success:  Educated from California, that is the first and foremost essential tool we provide along with our tools for business:  Massage tables, linen, essential oils, aromatherapy, oils & lotion, bolster, neck cradle, portable chair, wireless relaxing spa music, eye pillows, ambience  and that is what creates Spa Blend-- blending an authentic Spa experience beyond relaxing!  Arriving to your location 10-15 minutes before your start time to set up and prepare our intention, space and equipment for your spa day.

Our  Spa Treatment room

Our studio is modest and humble.  Our style is more for individuals and couples desiring privacy and restoration.  At this time we accommodate up to two persons.  We are by appointment only.    Instead of a large commercial space demanding high prices, we maintain our prices to affordability and ensure your safety and reassurance that you are in good hands!

Since our prices are affordable,  skipping the 3rd party coupons, discount coupons and third party appointment settings to avoid  third party charges so that you will find a  greater benefit from our service, as Spa Blend focuses on rest and relaxation.

We look  forward to meeting and taking great care of you and your party as we hike
along the path to sweet, happy destiny, relaxation and restoration of your body, mind and spirit! 

Our services reach out to:

Massage is for everyone!  Our services extend to Bride-to-be parties,  girlfriend get-together s,  college friends, celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays, individuals.  Providing massage and facials by appointment  at our treatment room designed for two-at-a-time, couples, mom & daughter, friends.  Conference, events, meetings, birthdays, weddings.

What to do first:

1.  The first step is to determine what day and time works best for your appointment. 

2.  Contact Spa Blend direct 760 318-9100 and confirm the date and time. 

3.  Know your location address or let us know where you are as a guest or  our location.

4.    Schedule an appointment for information or scheduling or call 760 318-9100.

5.  Know for how many persons,  you are requesting an appointment.

6.  For no shows there is a 50% service charge.

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